Joe has been running with my standard poodle for over two years and is by far the most reliable, professional, loving, and responsible person that I have ever entrusted with my beloved Georgie; taking her personality and preferences in to consideration during their runs. He knows which other dogs she’ll get along with, her tolerance levels given the day’s weather, and is very perceptive regrading any health or behavioral issues.

Last Fall, Joe was dog sitting/running when Georgie was attacked by a large aggressive dog that had broken loose from a pack walk. No one could get the dog to let go of her ear but Joe remained calm in the moment and remembered to pour out his water bottle in to the dog’s nose/mouth. They then went immediately to her vet and stayed with her all evening until I got home.

You and your dog will both benefit greatly from his individualized attentive service, and the service of any athlete’s he trusts to bring under his wing.
— Elizabeth, UES
Joe is a true ‘dog whisperer’. He got our energetic pup to be well curbed and enjoy a good run. He is reliable and kind and our dog loves him madly. He was trust-worthy in our apartment. A pleasure!
— rbr4@me.com
After every run with Joe, my Bella returns so tired and happy! My girl is a handful and he is the only person who has truly tired her out. Such a gift, the wonderful piece of mind knowing that he’d be there to take her for a run while I was away at work.
— Bonnie, UES
Joe makes having a crazily active dog possible in an urban world. He takes her on great runs, dog sits when I have business travel and I reap the benefits of her unconditional love.
— Cody, Meatpacking