Frequently ASKED


Does my dog really need to go running?

This depends on the breed and age of your pooch, but the answer is almost certainly yes. While some smaller breeds can surely get a sufficient amount of exercise from playing (chasing their peers) in a dog run for 20-30 minutes, any dog who is medically able will benefit immensely from a period of carefully monitored sustained running which elevates the heart rate and extends/works out all their adorable dog parts.


Do you do any dog walking?

All the trappings of a good walk are incorporated in to every exercise session (warm up, cool down, breaks for their 1s and 2s as needed), but no we do not offer walking services. Furthermore, our ideal clients would have already gone on a walk fairly recently before an exercise session so that they can more easily differentiate what we’re aiming to do with them as opposed to what you or your walker will do.


Is the initial consultation really free?

Yes! We love meeting new dogs and appreciate interest in our services.  Seeking to get off on the right foot and paw, we will gladly meet to assess your pet’s fitness level during a brief trial run. Following that we can discuss the regimen that suits your budget and their needs. Keep in mind that these would most likely occur in the early AM or later in the day during the work week to make sure all parties are present.


What do you charge?

You can expect to pay more than you would for the average dog walker and less than you would for a session with an Equinox personal trainer. Generally speaking, the more sessions delivered weekly the cheaper they will become. Once we have a better assessment of your dog's fitness level/exercise needs, and your budget, we'll move forward with a plan that works for everyone (especially the pup). Payment can be made weekly or biweekly through personal check or a Square credit card reader.


Are you bonded and Insured?

We will be very soon. That’s good of you to ask.


Are you officially certified in canine care and handling?

A certificate granted to me by the city of New York is coming before 2017.


Are you, the founder of, actually named Joe?

Yes, my name is Joe and people call me Joe. Joseph is on my birth certificate


Do you have references?

Sure do! Check the ‘testimonials’ area of the site, which will be populated soon.


How can you run with so many dogs in a single day? only employs elite distance runners who are also more than capable of starting up, stopping, and resetting as required.  We happily use the city’s bike share system or public transit to travel between exercise sessions so that all of our running energy is devoted to your beloved furry friend.




How do I know that my dog is actually running during these sessions?

All our furry clients will be equipped with a Whistlecanine activity monitor (a fit bit designed for dogs), which will feed real time data to your smart phone. This way you see exactly when services were rendered, the quality of those services, and are able to track progress over time. That said, we aren't slave drivers and the level of activity will often vary due to temperature or the client's disposition on a given day. A dog's body language is really all they have to let us know important info, and we can interpret.



Did you win the rights to this domain name in a dice game?

No, not at all.  Is that a thing? Where did you hear that?



Do you go running with more than one dog at a time?

We will never go out running with more than two dogs at once, and only if they are on common ground when it comes to athletic ability. Any time spent picking up or dropping off dogs will not be treated as part of the paid fitness session. If you would like to have private (one on one) sessions, those are priced accordingly.


What time can you run with my dog?

We here are able to accommodate any/all times that work best for you: seven days a week; morning, afternoon, or night. A flat rate applies regardless of day or time. We will work with you to get key copies created, or coordinate with doormen.


 How do I pay for these canine exercise sessions?

All major credit cards and personal checks are accepted. Charges are processed on a weekly basis.


Is my dog too young for

Generally speaking, puppies younger than 8 months should not be going out on extended runs unless medically cleared.


Is my dog too old for

A more moderate exercise regimen is actually quite beneficial in stemming the tide of canine joint degeneration, and will do wonders for the mental health of older pooches. That said, we would not recommend any form of our services to any animals whose joints can no longer support it comfortably.


Have you, Joe, (the president of Run Dot Dog) ever used a vape rig or partook of any eliquids?

What? No… gross